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Velma Sfogliafacile & Sfogliafacile Maxi

These machines are ideal not only for processing sweet icings, modelling chocolate and marzipan, but also puff pastry and short – crust pastry.

Sfogliafacile Maxi is the ideal manuel machine for working not only sugar paste and modelling chocolate, but also fresh pasta and flaky ior short crust pastry.

Any cake designer will be able to quickly and cleanly mix the colourings into sugar paste, easily roll them out evenly and even rool the gum paste out very thinly avenly in order to make flower petals, lace and volant.

This robust and solid dough sheeter takes up very little room on the work surfaceand is easy to clean.

Technical data:

roller 60 cm diam 60mm

thickness range 0-12mm

dimension 50x89x22 cm (HxLx D)

Weight 19 kg