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Decorspeed is entirely manufactured from Aisi 304 stainless steel.

The rollers, which are certified for use in foodstuff applications, are manufactured from a special high-density resin that will not deteriorate over time, even if the rollers are subjected to intensive use.
A unique feature of the Decorspeed is that it is the only machine of its kind in the world where the operator is able to easily remove the rollers for cleaning and sanitation purposes.
The conveyor slide is coated with a layer of foodstuff-grade Teflon to facilitate the processing of tacky and/or gluey products.
The hardened stainless steel roller scrapers are manufactured with a special sharpened edge that makes them suitable for use in a variety of different processing applications.
The adjustment lever is a one-piece metal construction and is ergonomic, simple to use during processing operations, strong and, above all, easy to clean.
The ease and simplicity of use is the feature that sets Decorspeed apart as an essential working companion for the chef/decorator.


Technical data

230/240 v 50hz   0,37 Kw

roller 27 cm diam 60mm

thickness range 0-10mm

dimension 42x33x29 cm (HxLx D)

Weight 25 kg