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The Rancilio Rocky NO DOSER Grinder is specifically designed for grinding espresso coffee beans. It’s modelled after commercial coffee grinders and is capable of grinding beans into a powder. This is especially important when you are grinding coffee for high-end espresso machines like the Rancilio Silvia.

The Rocky grinder also works well for most semi-commercial and heavy commercial espresso machines.

The Rancilio Rocky burr grinder uses slow turning commercial grade burr grinding wheels to crush the coffee bean into uniform coffee grounds. This is better than a standard blade grinder which usually does not produce uniform grind sizes. Consistent grind size is important to promote better taste and aroma. It is especially important if you are grinding coffee for an espresso machine which needs a fine and consistent grind. The Rocky’s grinding wheels are stronger than any coffee grinders in its class offering excellent performance.

Just like the coffee grinders seen in the espresso bars, the Rocky has a dosing lever that allows you to pull a lever to dose out the coffee directly into your filter basket. The dosing hopper is capable of holding up to 7 ounces of ground coffee.

Bearing structure in die-cast aluminium – grinders of special hardened steel.


– Dimensions : 120X250X350 – 5″x10″x14.
– Weight: 7 Kg. – 245oz.
– Power: 230V 50/60HZ 140W
– Bean hopper, capacity : 300 gr.
– Grinder burrs, diameter: 50 mm
– Output: 2.5-3.5 kg/h