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Grinta Grinder AMMT: electronic TimeSet Dosing.
Grinta perfect and micrometric grinding for an excellent coffee.
Electronic positive-displacement dosing. Coffee is only ground when you want to prepare a cup of coffee. This is the simple yet ingenious function of the Grinta grinder-doser unit.

All the aroma and flavour of freshly ground coffee. For this reason, Grinta is ideal for the family, in the office and also in the café, for a decaffeinated cup of coffee. Grinta has a design that matches any coffee machine. With Grinta your coffee is perfect every time.



– AMMT modelnet/gros weight: 3,6/4kg
– Electric power: 220W
– Blades: 50mm
– Production rate: 3,6Kg/h
– Dimension: mm 140x420x210