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LA PAVONI – Coffee grinder Jolly Dosing Copper JDR

  • Model: JDR Grinder;
  • Top container for coffee beans;
  • Capacity gr. 250;
  • Motor of 95 W ;
  • Dimensions: W 5.2 inches – H 12 inches;

The coffee grinder is fitted with a coffee bean hopper of 250 gr. capacity and enables a wide coffee grind adjustment. The container for the ground coffee can be taken out.

The coffee doser grinder is fitted with a dosing device supplying the correct quantity of ground coffee for one cup.

Coffee hopper in poly-carbonate, capacity 250 gr., extractable container for ground coffee in poly-carbonate, base in ABS plastic, cover stripe in polished copper, flat mills diam. 50 mm., grind selector, dosing device with correct ground coffee dose. Colour: copper.