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The Micrometric adjustment of grinding thickness with rotor blades axial slide enables the best possible grinding.
Its instant dosing ensure the best quality and aroma. The special 50 mm burrs, conceved for barista, offers
excellent grind dispersionspeed and performances.
Notwithstanding its dimension, Mignon Istantaneo guarantees the same grinding quality and many other features as all other Eureka professional grinders.

– Easy Setting System fafilitating the grinding degree regulation process
 Power: 240/50 Hz 026 Kw  1350 RPM Single phase with overload thermic protection
 Hopper capacity: 300 g Made of clear Kostil Food approved
 Grinder blades: Ø 50 Made of hardened steel
 Grinder control: Micrometric Rapid micrometric regulator with display of grinding type
– New touch screen with 2 programmable doses, total control of grinding time and continuous mode (extra dose)
– New All Purpose “Hand Free” fork suitable to any type of filter holder
– ACE System which prevents the clumps formation and guarantees cleanliness and dose precision

– Body: Aluminium Chromed panels
– Burr: Material Harden Steel
– Width: 120 mm
– Depth: 180 mm
– Height: 350 mm
– Weight: 5.6 kg