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    Coffee enthusiasts in will find great joy with the Alex PID. This home espresso machine has attributes of Izzo’s top class, the Pompei. A stainless steel body, the machine has a double-decker cup warming tray with steamer, PID with adjustable display, direct plumbing, anti-burn stainless steel steam and wands, spring lever-action group, and five-liter boiler.


    Shell material: Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel double-decker cup warming tray

    Cup warmer switch to steam cups

    Articulating no-burn steam and hot water wands

    Boiler pressure gauge

    Single PID controller

    5-liter boiler

    Gicar control board

    Direct plumb only


    Best Use: Home or office

    Automation: Spring level

    Boiler: 5 liter

    Output Capacity: 20 Espressos Per Hour

    Cup Size: Traditional

    Groups: 1 Group 54mm

    PID Temperature Controller: Adjustable PID control with programmable offset.

    Display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    Plumbing: Plumbed only

    Pump: None (Thermosiphon to fill steam boiler)

    Display: Boiler pressure gauge

    Drain Tray: Holds 24 ounces of fluid. Option to drain.

    Warranty: 2 year worldwide warranty


    Stainless steel double-decker cup warming tray

    Two portafilters


    Group brush

    Backflush disk

    Direct connect kit

    Drain hose


    Dimension: B/H/T (mm) 350/750/430

    Weight: 55 kg

    Amps / Volts: 220 Volt

    Watts: 1750 Watts