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    New PID temperature controller with shot timer integrated: it’s possible to choose your favourite coffee brewing time for your espresso

    BODYWORK: All stainless steel mirror (AISI 304).

    ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED: Microprocessor controlled automatic level control of boilers and fresh water reservoir, with low water level indication by noise signal.

    BOILERS: Dual boiler system. Steam and hot water 1.8 litre capacity. Brew (group) 0.58 liter capacity.

    PUMP TYPE: Super silent rotary pump.

    SAFETY VALVE: Fully certified commercially rated safety valve.

    PRE-INFUSION: Mechanical pre-infusion system for the extraction of coffee with optimal aroma.

    ANTI-BURN STAINLESS STEEL STEAM WAND: Easy cleaning as milk doesn’t bake on wand; more efficient steam; as heat is not dissipated around the wand.

    PRESSURE GAUGE: One dedicated gauge for pump pressure and one for service boiler pressure control.

    TEMPERATURE CONTROL OF BOILERS: Electronic control by PID sensor inside the boilers for the precise control of the temperatures.

    MAINTENANCE: Removable upper and lower grid for easy access to underside of the machine.

    WATER SUPPLY: 3 liter fresh water reservoir or alternatively direct water connection by turning the control switch with full drip tray drainage system.

    Width (mm): 360

    Hight (mm): 400

    Depth (mm): 430

    Weight: 33